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Alessandro Rivetto Langhe Arneis

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Alessandro Rivetto Langhe Arneis 

Alessandro Rivetto Langhe Arneis is a white wine from the Langhe region in Piedmont, Italy, produced by the winery Azienda Agricola Alessandro Rivetto. This wine is made from the Arneis grape variety, which is traditionally grown in the region.

Langhe Arneis is a refreshing and aromatic white wine with lively acidity and a light to medium body. It has a pale yellow color and a bouquet of flowers, citrus fruits and white peach, along with subtle spicy notes. On the palate, the wine offers a nice balance between fruity flavors such as apple, pear and lemon, and a refreshing acidity. The finish is lively and invigorating.

Alessandro Rivetto Langhe Arneis is an expression of the typicality and quality of the Arneis grape variety in the Langhe region. With its freshness, vibrancy and fruity aromas, it offers an enjoyable and sophisticated drinking experience for white wine lovers.

Wine - Food pairing

This wine is a versatile choice that goes well with a variety of dishes, such as seafood, white meats, salads and soft cheeses. It is also a wonderful wine to enjoy as an aperitif.

Alessandro Rivetto Langhe Arneis

Alessandro Rivetto Langhe Arneis is a delicious Italian white wine from the Piedmont region. This wine is made by winery Alessandro Rivetto from Arneis grapes.

Alessandro Rivetto

Alessandro Rivetto is a renowned winemaker from the Piedmont region of Italy. He is the owner of the winery Azienda Agricola Alessandro Rivetto, which is known for its high-quality wines, especially Barolo and Barbera. Alessandro Rivetto represents the new generation of winemakers in Piedmont and has a strong passion for producing quality wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the terroir. He follows careful and traditional methods combined with modern techniques to create wines that are both elegant and expressive.

Alessandro Rivetto's wines are generally praised for their high quality, character and finesse. They are considered excellent representatives of the Piedmontese winemaking tradition and are appreciated by wine lovers all over the world.

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Product Alessandro Rivetto Langhe Arneis
Country Italy
Producer - Brand Alessandro Rivetto
Type of wine White
Region Piedmont
Grape variety Other grapes white
Price per bottle €12.95
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Minimum number 1