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Domaine des Baumard Carte Turquoise Brut Crémant de Loire (box of 6 bottles)

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Domaine des Baumard Le Logis Anjou (box of 6 bottles)


Domaine des Baumard Le Logis Anjou

Baumard Le Logis Anjou, a red French Loire wine, has a light, ruby red color. The bouquet reminds of red fruits, especially currants and raspberries. The tannin's are usually soft and ripe, the structure is yellow and velvety. In very hot and dry years, the wine will deviate from the above pattern and present itself differently: deeper red color, tending to garnet red. The bouquet is less fresh fruity, a little heavier. The tannin's are more evident and the structure is fuller and more powerful.

Wine - Food pairing

This wine is perfect for people who like to drink the same wine throughout the meal, from meat or meat / poultry salads and starters to baked or grilled meat or poultry, cheese and even fresh desserts based on fresh red fruits (currant, raspberries, strawberry).

Domaine des Baumard Le Logis Anjou

Domaine des Baumard Le Logis Anjou is a delicious red wine from the Loire area France. This wine is made from Cabernet Franc grapes by winery Domaine des Baumard. 

Recommended wine serving temperature between 14°C and 16°C.

Domaine des Baumard

Baumard is located in the heart of the Anjou, in the town of Rochefort-sur-Loire, just south of Savennières. The domain has been family property since 1634. Where Jean Baumard developed it in the fifties, his son Florent has ensured that it is today considered one of the best wine producers in the Loire Valley. Florent is seen by many leading wine magazines as the only one of its kind. He makes several cuvées from Savennières, the large dry chenin blanc, in addition to very beautiful Coteaux de Layon. The domain works organically, without certification. Florent Baumard believes that human intervention in both vineyard and wine cellar should remain possible. His Quarts de Chaume is a real icon in the international wine world; this vineyard has recently been elevated to Grand Cru status!

More Information
Product Domaine des Baumard Le Logis Anjou
Country France
Producer Domaine des Baumard
Type of wine Red, Organic, Vegan
Region Loire
Grape variety Cabernet Franc
Number of bottles 6
Price per bottle €15.75
Vintage Mail: