Belgische bonbons luxe giftbox 500 gram

Belgian Pralines sorted in 500 grams giftbox

Wijs en Zonen Darjeeling Melange

Wijs en Zonen Darjeeling Melange (4 packs of tea 227 gram)

Belgian Pralines sorted in 250 grams giftbox

Belgian Pralines sorted in 250 grams giftbox is available to buy in increments of 1

Belgian Pralines from Caluwé

Our Belgian pralines deserve the best chocolate. For three generations we have worked with Belgian chocolate from Barry Callebaut. For that full chocolate flavour, we use 100% sustainably grown cocoa beans from Ivory Coast. This cocoa is organically grown and fermented, and we also guarantee the cocoa farmer a fair price for his hard work. Our superb Belgian pralines are therefore made from sustainable, fair-trade and above all delicious chocolate.

Available in stylish luxury boxes for the ideal gift!

Top quality Belgian Chocolates from Caluwé Belgium

Want to taste bonbons from 100% Belgian chocolate? Le Connaisseur sells top quality Belgian Chocolates. Our chocolates are 100% natural, prepared with pure cocoa butter from Callebaut. Our Belgian bonbons are free from products based on genetically modified organisms.

Caluwé uses Fair Trade Chocolate!

You know how different grapes create different wines? And how different coffee beans change the flavor of your morning espresso? Well different cocoa beans have the same effect on chocolate. The life of a cocoa bean plays a fundamental part in the flavor and quality of your chocolate. Because everything from the soil conditions a bean is grown in to the climate, location and techniques of the farmer will affect its flavor. At Caluwé we place the utmost importance on the quality of our cocoa beans, ensuring a consistent and intense flavor. That's why we work with specially trained farmers in Ivory Coast, focused on the best practices to bring out the boldest of flavors. So we can deliver a quality of chocolate which will exceed expectations and come to be your chocolate of choice.

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