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Enate - Chardonnay Fermentado en Barrica

Enate Chardonnay Fermentado en Barrica

Enate Chardonnay 234

Enate Chardonnay 234 is available to buy in increments of 1

Enate Chardonnay 234 

Enate Chardonnay 234 is a white wine produced by Bodegas Enate, a renowned winery located in the Somontano wine region in Spain. This wine is made from the Chardonnay grape variety, carefully selected from the vineyards of Bodegas Enate.

The wine has a clear golden color with greenish hues. It offers an enticing aroma of tropical fruits, such as pineapple and peach, along with notes of citrus and vanilla. On the tongue, the Enate Chardonnay 234 is full and silky smooth, with flavors of ripe fruit, buttery toast and a hint of vanilla. The wine has a good balance between freshness and creaminess, with lively acidity. The finish is long and refreshing.

With Enate Chardonnay 234 you can enjoy a quality wine that reflects the craftsmanship and dedication of Bodegas Enate. It is a wine that can be enjoyed on special occasions as well as casual dinners with friends and family.

Wine - Food pairing

Enate Chardonnay 234 is a versatile wine that can be combined well with different dishes. It goes well with grilled fish, poultry, creamy pastas and soft cheeses. The fresh and fruity flavors of the wine create a harmonious combination with these dishes.

Enate Chardonnay 234

Enate Chardonnay 234 is a delicious white Spanish wine from Somontano made from Chardonnay grapes.

Recommended wine serving temperature between 10°C and 12°C.

Bodegas Enate

Bodegas Enate is a renowned winery located in the Somontano wine region in Spain. Established in 1992, this winery is known for its dedication to producing high-quality wines with a unique character.

Bodegas Enate has a modern approach to wine production, combining traditional techniques with innovative methods. They use the latest technologies and have invested in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the quality of their wines.

Bodegas Enate's wine range includes white, red and rosé wines, which come from different grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo. The wines of Bodegas Enate are characterized by their elegance, expressive aromas and excellent balance.

In addition to producing quality wines, Bodegas Enate has also paid attention to art. They have collaborated with well-known artists to create unique labels for their bottles, making Bodegas Enate bottles not only have a delicious content, but are also visually appealing.

More Information
Product Enate Chardonnay 234
Country Spain
Producer Bodegas Enate
Type of wine White
Region Aragon
Grape variety Chardonnay
Price per bottle €13.50
Vintage Mail: info@le-connaisseur.nl
Minimum number of bottles 6