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Schlumberger White Ice Secco (box of 6 bottles)

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Frescobaldi Pomino Bianco (box of 6 bottles)

Frescobaldi Remole (box of 6 bottles)


Frescobaldi Remole

Frescobaldi Remole is a delicious Italian red wine from the Tuscany region. This wine is made by winery Marchesi Frescobaldi from Sangiovese grapes.

Marchesi di Frescobaldi

The history of the Frescobaldi family starts over a thousand years ago and is closely connected with the history of Tuscany. At the high point of medieval Florence, the Frescobaldi's spread their influence as bankers, earning the title of treasures to the English crown. A little later, with the flowering of the Renaissance, they became patrons of major works in Florence, such as the construction of the Santa Trinita bridge and the Basilica of Santo Spirito.

Frescobaldi Remole 

Frescobaldi Remole, an Italian Tuscan wine, has a deep scarlet-red colour, brilliant and intense. The nose reveals decisive scents of redcurrant and blackberry, followed by spicy and balsamic hints of black pepper and eucalyptus. Its main characteristic is its pleasantness, which combines elegance with a great persistence.

Wine - Food pairing

Delicious Tuscan wine that match well with Italian dishes such as lasagne, tagliatelle with cream sauce and / or green asparagus, spaghetti carbonara (cream and bacon) and pizzas, delicious with a piece of spicy (Dutch) cheese and a formidable aperitif wine for lovers of a fairly robust Sangiovese.

More Information
Product Frescobaldi Remole
Country Italy
Producer Frescobaldi
Type Red wine
Region Tuscany
Grape variety Sangiovese
Number of bottles 6
Delivery time 2 - 5 working days
Price per piece €12.95
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