Marcel Deiss Engelgarten

Marcel Deiss Engelgarten (box of 6 bottles)

Marcel Deiss Pinot Gris

Marcel Deiss Pinot Gris (box of 6 bottles)

Marcel Deiss Gewürztraminer (box of 6 bottles)


Marcel Deiss Gewürztraminer 

Marcel Deiss Gewürztraminer, a French Alsace wine, has a golden yellowish color. Distinctive nose with ripe yellow fruit, roses and spices. The wine has an elegant and characteristic flavor attack. A high degree of concentration and wealth. The aftertaste is sweet with very fine acidity. The balance in this wine is fantastic.

The grapes come from different vineyards, each with their own character and contribution to the wine. The vineyards near Bergheim are rich in chalk and limestone and give the wine its lively acidity. The other vineyards are on the slopes of St Hippolyte, on poor soils of weathered granite. The vineyards are worked manually and as naturally as possible, aiming for a sophisticated balance between vine, soil, environment and people, so that the terroir is reflected in the wine as well as possible.

Wine - Food pairing

Serve on a fried foie gras with citrus fruits,  a Thai cooking or quails with grapes.

Marcel Deiss Gewürztraminer

Marcel Deiss Gewürztraminer is a delicious white wine from Domaine Marcel Deiss from Ribeauville located in Alsace France. This wine is made from Gewürztraminer grapes.

Recommended serving temperature between 10 ° C and 12 ° C.

Domaine Marcel Deiss

Domaine Marcel Deiss is a biodynamic winery located in Alsace, France. The winery is known for its unique approach to winemaking, which emphasizes the expression of terroir and the use of traditional grape varieties.

Domaine Marcel Deiss produces a range of high-quality wines, including Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, and more. The winery is committed to sustainable and organic practices, and its wines have earned numerous accolades and awards for their exceptional quality and distinct character.

More Information
Product Marcel Deiss Gewürztraminer
Country France
Producer Domaine Marcel Deiss
Type of wine White, Organic
Region Alsace
Grape variety Gewürztraminer
Number of bottles 6
Price per bottle €24.95
Vintage Mail: