Montes Alpha M

Montes Alpha M (box of 6 bottles)

Montes Purple Angel (box of 6 bottles)


Montes Purple Angel

Montes Purple Angel is a delicious Chilean red wine of Viña Montes from Chile. This wine is made from Carmenere grapes.

Vina Montes 

The story of Montes seems like a dream and, truthfully, that\'s how it began, becoming progressively reality. It was in 1987 when our two deluded partners, Aurelio Montes and Douglas Murray, with extensive experience in the world of wine, wanted to realize their dreams of producing wines of a quality far superior to the one that was being produced in Chile at that time. They added in 1988 the other two original partners, Alfredo Vidaurre and Pedro Grand, each making their special and complementary contribution, thus giving birth to Viña Montes, called in the beginning DiscoverWine Ltda.

Montes Purple Angel

Montes Purple Angel is intense carmine red in color with tremendous aromatic potency and a predominance of ripe red and black fruit, dairy notes, and a certain contribution of sweet spices, biscuits, and pastries. 18 months in oak barrels contributed aromas of vanilla, dark chocolate, nutmeg, and toast that harmonize very well with the ripe fruit. The palate has good structure, is correctly balanced, and has very well-rounded tannins in perfect harmony with the acidity from the 8% Petit Verdot in the final blend. It is creamy and lush with a long and persistent finish. Flavorful and very much in sync with its aromatic side.

This superb wine represents a whole new dimension for Carmenère, the long-lost grape variety that recently resurfaced in Chile after being presumed extinct in Bordeaux, its original home. In Chile, we consider it our ‘signature’ variety and call it the ‘Jurassic Park’ grape that returned from the past. Montes were pioneers on the Chilean wine scene when we created our super-premium wines: the Montes Alpha range, and icons Montes Alpha M and Montes Folly. Montes also led the way to quality by planting vineyards on steep hillsides. But we also know when to wait.

Wine - Food pairing

A special wine for a special moment. A nice dinner with a richly filled table: with nice red meat or at the end of the dinner with cheeses or a piece of dark chocolate. If you can resist the wine yourself, this Carmenère is also a perfect gift. A wine to impress.

More Information
Product Montes Purple Angel
Country Chile
Producer Vina Montes
Type Red wine
Region Colchagua Valley
Grape variety Carménère
Number of bottles 6
Delivery time 2 - 5 working days
Price per piece €59.95
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