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Le-Connaisseur supplies wines of biologically operating wineries from various countries at competitive prices. With an assortment of over 700 organic wines, we are one of the largest suppliers in the Benelux. We supply organic wines from Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and South Africa.

Organic viticulture

Organic wine is wine made from grapes grown in accordance with the principles of organic farming. This excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Partly due to the increasing awareness of consumers about what they eat and drink, the interest and supply of organic wines is increasing.

Organic wine without sulfites

More and more often you see wines where the label says: no added sulphites. No sulphite (sulphur) is then added to the wine. It should be noted that sulphite does occur naturally in the skins of grapes, so 100% sulfite-free wines do not exist! Sulfite is often added to wine for a reason. It protects the wine against oxygen and thus oxidation and it prevents moulds. Do you have a problem with sulfites or do you prefer to drink wine with as little added sulphite as possible? Then an organic low-sulfite wine is a good choice. If the wine has been opened, it is recommended to drink it the same day.

Biodynamic wine

Biodynamic wine is also organic wine, but here, when working in the vineyards, the biodynamic calendar is also taken into account. In certain cases, biodynamic preparations are also added.

Natural wine / Vin Natural

Natural wine is a wine that is made in the most natural way possible. Vin Nature or Vin Natural wines are often organic or even biodynamic. However, this is not the case in all cases. The big difference between Vin Nature wines and conventional wines is made in the wine cellar. A Vin Nature farmer tries to make his wines with as few additions as possible, so no enzymes, no acids and no sulfites (at most a little bit, which is added just before bottling). The fermentation takes place with natural yeast and malolactic fermentation, with only natural bacteria. The wine must not be filtered or clarified. A Vin Nature can be great, but the lack of sulfites also makes the wine vulnerable. There is no official legislation for the term Vin Nature. It is the farmers themselves who agree on the rules and respect them. It is expected that in the coming years there will be European legislation regarding Vin Nature wines.