Quinta do Vesuvio

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Quinta do Vesuvio

At Quinta do Vesuvio, the focus is always on making the very finest Port possible. All decisions reflect this single-minded pursuit of excellence. Even the first time visitor will quickly see that everything is done according to traditional ways and without compromise. At every step in the process, from the choice of grape varieties to plant, to ageing and bottling the wine in the Douro, making outstanding Vintage Port is the overriding concern.

Port Delivery

Le Connaisseur has a physical shop in The Hague, where you are welcome to view the assortment and to collect your port. In our store you will find only a part of the range offered in our web shop. If you order your wine online, you can pick up your wines within a few days. If you want to receive your wines easy at home? Then it's nice to know that we only charge € 6.75 for shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium and a fair shipping price for orders to other EU countries. For orders above € 75, = in the Netherlands or Belgium we offer free shipping.

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