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Ridgeview Cavendish

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Ridgeview Cavendish

Ridgeview Cavendish is a sparkling wine produced by Ridgeview Winery, a renowned producer of sparkling wines based in Sussex, United Kingdom. It is named after Cavendish, a village in County Sussex.

Cavendish is made using the traditional method, which is similar to the method used to produce Champagne. It is a blend of several grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, harvested by hand from the Ridgeview vineyards.

The wine has a bright straw yellow color and a fine and persistent mousse. It offers an enticing aroma of ripe fruit, such as peaches, citrus fruits and green apples, along with subtle notes of flowers and yeast.

Cavendish has a refreshing acidity and a lively taste. It shows a nice balance between fruity notes, floral accents and a light minerality. The wine has an elegant and dry finish.

Ridgeview Cavendish has an excellent reputation and has received several awards and recognitions. It embodies Ridgeview's commitment to producing quality wines with elegance and complexity, offering wine lovers the opportunity to enjoy the unique flavors and characteristics of the English terroir in a beautiful sparkling glass.

Wine - Food pairing

This sparkling wine is versatile and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with a variety of dishes. It goes well with seafood, light fish dishes, salads and soft cheeses.

Ridgeview Cavendish

Ridgeview Cavendish is a delicious English Sparkling wine from Ridgeview from Sussex United Kingdom. This wine is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes.

Recommended serving temperature between 8°C and 10°C.


Ridgeview Winery is an award winning English producer of sparkling wines based in Sussex, UK. The winery was founded in 1995 and is run by the second generation of the Roberts family. Ridgeview is known for its expertise in producing traditional method sparkling wines, which are made using the same method as Champagne. They have specialized in producing quality wines using traditional grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

The Ridgeview vineyards cover approximately 20 hectares and are situated on the rolling hills of Sussex, which have a similar climate and soil composition to France's famous Champagne region. This terroir offers ideal conditions for the production of high-quality sparkling wines.

Ridgeview wines have built an excellent reputation and have received numerous awards, including several prizes in international competitions. Their wines are appreciated for their refinement, elegance and complexity.

Ridgeview is committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly viticultural practices. They work to strict standards to minimize their impact on the environment and are committed to preserving biodiversity in their vineyards.

Ridgeview sparkling wines are appreciated worldwide and regarded as some of the finest English sparkling wines. They are an excellent choice for lovers of quality wines who want to enjoy the unique characteristics of the English terroir in a sparkling glass.

More Information
Product Ridgeview Cavendish
Country United Kingdom
Producer - Brand Ridgeview Wine Estate
Type of wine Sparkling
Region Sussex
Grape variety Chardonnay
Price per bottle €41.50
Vintage Mail: info@le-connaisseur.nl
Minimum number 2