Scavi Ray

Scavi Ray Prosecco

Scavi Ray Prosecco is an Italian prosecco brand that offers elegance and uncompromising quality. Scavi Ray stands for Italian joie de vivre and uncomplicated pleasure at the highest level.


It is a deliciously fresh and fruity Prosecco made in the Veneto region. Pleasantly sparkling and low in alcohol. The quality bubbles are always hip, unique and special. A unique and full wine that is rich in fresh fruit and wonderfully refined tones of flowers. Partly because of the refined bubbles, this sparkling prosecco is an excellent prosecco. A real modern prosecco whose taste is optimal. Nowadays Scavi & Ray can not be ignored anymore with this perfect terrace wine. The bottle exudes elegance and class, partly because there is a champagne cork on it. The wine actually reflects the character that Scavi & Ray wants to convey. Scavi & Ray also characterizes the taste, because of the fresh bouquet and the delicate aromas of fruit. This is all because of the long fermentation that this wine has gone through, the special process ensures an intense shine on the tongue. 

This prosecco gives a new taste experience and is not only for special occasions but also fun to give as a gift.


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