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Speri Valpolicella Classico Superiore Sant'Urbano

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Speri Valpolicella Ripasso

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Speri Valpolicella Ripasso

Speri Valpolicella Ripasso is a wine produced by Speri Viticoltori, located in the Valpolicella wine region in northern Italy. Valpolicella Ripasso is a style of wine unique to the Valpolicella region and is considered a step between the regular Valpolicella wines and the prestigious Amarone wines.

The Speri Valpolicella Ripasso is made from indigenous grape varieties, including Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara. After harvesting, the grapes are fermented to produce a base wine, similar to regular Valpolicella. However, what makes this wine special is the process of "ripasso".

In the ripasso process, the Valpolicella wine is brought into contact with the grape skins and residues left over from the production of Amarone wine for a certain period of time. This extra maceration enriches the wine, giving it more complexity, depth and structure.

Speri Valpolicella Ripasso usually has a deep ruby red color. On the nose it offers aromas of ripe red fruits, such as cherries and berries, along with notes of spice and a slight hint of vanilla from the aging in wooden barrels. On the palate, the wine is medium to full bodied, with silky tannins and balanced acidity. It has a pronounced fruity character with a subtle spiciness.

Speri Valpolicella Ripasso is an excellent choice for lovers of Valpolicella wines looking for a wine with an extra dimension and character. It is an affordable alternative to Amarone wine and offers a great taste experience.

Wine - Food pairing

This wine is versatile and pairs well with various dishes, such as grilled meats, stews, pastas and matured cheeses. It offers a nice balance between fruity freshness and the complexity that comes with the ripasso process.

Speri Valpolicella Ripasso

Speri Valpolicella Ripasso is a delicious Italian red wine from the Veneto region. This wine is made by winery Speri Viticoltori from Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella grapes.

Speri Viticoltori

Speri Viticoltori is an Italian winery located in the Valpolicella wine region of the Veneto region of northern Italy. The winery has a long history dating back to 1874 when it was founded by Pietro Speri. Today it is run by the fifth generation of the Speri family.

Speri Viticoltori is known for producing high quality wines, especially Amarone della Valpolicella and Valpolicella Classico. These wines are made from indigenous grape varieties such as Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara, which are traditional in the Valpolicella region.

The winery follows traditional winemaking practices and focuses on producing wines that reflect Valpolicella's unique terroir. The grapes are hand-harvested and carefully selected before undergoing a process called appassimento, where they are dried for a period of time to concentrate their flavors. This technique is especially important in the production of Amarone wines, which are rich, full-bodied and characterized by their dried fruit and raisin flavours.

Speri Viticoltori has developed a reputation for producing wines of exceptional quality and consistency. They have received numerous awards and recognition, both in Italy and internationally, for their Amarone and Valpolicella wines.

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Product Speri Valpolicella Ripasso
Country Italy
Producer - Brand Speri Viticoltori
Type of wine Red
Region Veneto
Grape variety Other grapes red
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