Torre del Falasco Corvina

Torre del Falasco Corvina (box of 6 bottles)

Torre del Falasco Soave

Torre del Falasco Soave (box of 6 bottles)

Torre del Falasco Garganega (box of 6 bottles)


Torre del Falasco Garganega

Torre del Falasco Garganega is a soft creamy white Italian wine. With lots of yellow fruit and a fine citrus acidity and the famous Italian almond bitter in the aftertaste. In the mouth soft, full and with sufficient freshness. A complete wine that is well balanced.

Wine - Food pairing

An excellent aperitif for a wide audience. In addition, sufficient structure for the guidance of various fish and meat dishes.

Torre del Falasco Garganega

Torre del Falasco Garganega is a delicious Italian white wine from the Veneto region. This wine is made by winery Cantina Valpantena from Garganega grapes.

Torre del Falasco

Torre del Falasco, the flagship brand of the Cantina Valpantena, takes its name from a famous thief named Falasco, known as the terror of the valley, who used a small tower in the village of Stallavena as a hideout. This tower quickly became a symbol of the terroir and a reason to tell about the stories and traditions that are a perfect combination with each Torre del Falasco wine.

These wines are based on a constant, precise and meticulous care of the vineyards and a selection of the best grapes.

More Information
Product Torre del Falasco Garganega
Country Italy
Producer Cantina Valpantena
Type of wine White
Region Veneto
Grape variety Other grapes white
Number of bottles 6
Price per bottle €6.25
Vintage Mail: