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Le-Connaisseur supplies vegan wines of vegan wineries from various countries at competitive prices. With an assortment of over 150 vegan wines, we are one of the largest suppliers in the Benelux. We supply vegan wines from Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, Spain and South Africa.

Vegan viticulture

The production of wine often involves a process called fining (or "clarifying"), which requires a fining agent. Refining agents are usually animal, carbon or clay based. Animal-based fining agents include gelatin, proteins, and casein. Because the fining agent is filtered back out of the wine, the labeling of these additives is not required or regulated in most places. Thus, for vegetarians and vegans who avoid the consumption of animal products, the fining agent used for wine is undesirable. Vegan wines use non-animal products that still produce a clear wine.