Castillo de Molina

Castillo de Molina

Castillo de Molina was the first range of Reserva wines from San Pedro and has achieved a prestigious position in Chile, Latin America and Finland. Today, its focus it to reveal the finest specific origin for each variety, through eleven varieties from most diverse Chilean viticultural regions. These include a Carmenère from the Maule valley, a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Cachapoal Andes Valley and an outstanding Sauvignon Blanc from the Elqui Valley. The range is currently comprised of Castillo de Molina Reserva and Castillo de Molina Tributo. Castillo, a symbol of distinction, and Molina, the place where San Pedro originates; the expression of the majestic and sublime terroir, which gives rise to the wine: Castillo de Molina.

History Molina

It is said that the world’s best wines originate from a chateau, a Castillo. The Correa Albano brothers founded Viña San Pedro 150 years ago in Molina, Chile. Upon reaching the highest point of their land, they were astounded by their majestic surroundings. At that instant, they decided to harness this majesty, with a Castillo that would rise from the earth, their first Reserva wine: Castillo de Molina.

Valleys - Vineyards

Castillo de Molina has reached a prominent position worldwide, among the finest Chilean wines for its segment. We are constantly searching for the best specific origin for each variety, to give the most faithful expression of each one.

Sustainable Winegrowing

We strive for sustainability in all our actions, with all that surrounds us: our communities, our environment, our workers, our suppliers, our clients and consumers.

(Source: Castillo Molina Chile)

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