Weingut Prinz von Hessen

Weingut  Prinz von Hessen

Prinz von Hessen

Prinz von Hessen, located in Johannisberg in the small German wine region of the Rheingau, is one of the most important Riesling producers in Germany. Since its establishment, the wine domain has been a member of the association of wine producers in German winemaking, the so-called VDP. The excellent quality of the wines is evidenced by international and national recognition. 95% of the cultivation is devoted to the Riesling grape, which proves that there is indeed no other place where this grape can grow better than exactly at the 50th parallel north. The Riesling vineyards are located on the highest points of the Rheingau, including Johannisberger Klaus, Winkeler Hasensprung and Winkeler Jesuiten garten. 90% of their own vineyards are planted with the Riesling grape.

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