Drostdy Hof

Drostdy Hof home to centuries of winemaking tradition, De Oude Drostdy in the heart of the Tulbagh valley was established in 1804. We continue to be inspired by it to ensure the continued consistent quality range of wines that the world has come to love.

It's All About the Grape at Drostdy Hof

At Drostdy Hof, we believe that no two grapes are alike. So we take the greatest care through an age-old winemaking process to ensure that we draw out as much flavour as possible from each and every grape.

Drostdy Hof Wines

We sell the following wines from Drostdy Hof: Drostdy Hof Merlot, Drostdy Hof Shiraz - Merlot, Drostdy Hof Chenin Blanc, Drostdy Hof Sauvignon Blanc, Drostdy Hof Pinotage, Drostdy Hof Chardonnay, Drostdy Hof Cabernet Sauvignon, Drostdy Hof Shiraz en Drostdy Hof Adelpracht.

 (Source: Drostdy Hof South Africa)

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