Virgen de la Sierra

Virgen de la Sierra

Bodega Virgen de la Sierra

Bodega Coöperativa Virgen de la Sierra has the honor of being one of the first cooperatives of Aragon. The Bodega was founded in 1954. The winery currently has a capacity of 3,900,000 liters. Beautiful Spanish wines are bottled. The wine tanks, both above and below ground, enable Virgin de La Sierra to make every kind of wine the best way to preserve quality.

Cruz de Piedra

The series of wines Cruz de Piedra (= stone cross) owes its name to the stone crosses along the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. Next to the bodega is a particularly nice copy of these stone crosses. The vineyards are on stony grounds, loose, poor in nutrients. In most cases with steep slopes. The Garnacha grapes come from old vineyards that have been maintained with great care for generations. 80% of the vines are at least 50 years old. The oldest sticks have even reached the respectable age of 100 years!

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