Wijs en Zonen Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea

Wijs en Zonen Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea (4 packs of tea 227 gram)

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Wijs en Zonen Earl Grey Tea (4 packs of tea 227 gram)


Wijs en Zonen Earl Grey Tea

Wijs en Zonen Earl Grey is a beautiful tea from Assam and Darjeeling, carefully flavoured with a 'nature identical' Bergamot oil. This is a mild black tea with a strong citrus-like aftertaste. There is also the Earl Gray Artisanale with all-natural bergamot.

Earl Grey tea has a distinctive floral and citrusy aroma, and its flavor is often described as rich, bold, and refreshing. The tea is typically made using a blend of high-quality black tea leaves, which are then flavored with oil of bergamot.

The oil of bergamot used in Earl Grey tea is derived from the rind of the bergamot orange, which is a small citrus fruit grown mainly in Italy and France. The oil is extracted from the rind using cold-pressing methods, and then added to the tea leaves during the blending process.

Earl Grey tea is enjoyed by tea drinkers around the world, and it can be brewed using water that is heated to around 95°C (203°F) and steeped for 3-4 minutes. It can be consumed plain, or with a splash of milk and sugar, depending on personal taste.

Royal Wijs & Zonen Tea

Wijs & Zonen is a very nice and fascinating tea company due to the many, sometimes decades existing, (international) relationships with customers, suppliers and fellow companies. They still have many customers throughout Europe.

In 1792, the Wijs family started a trade in coffee and tea. In 1828 the family opened a business in Amsterdam, where people from far and wide came to buy quality coffee and tea. The shop is still there, but since November, 2006, Wijs & Zonen has been in a beautiful new location.

Wijs & Zonen tea is sold in Europe, Japan and in the United States. The scents of the Wijs blends are incredibly tender and intense!

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