Château du Nozet

Château du Nozet

Château Nozet - de Ladoucette

In 1787 Comte Edmond Lafond, a wealthy banking family, acquired from Madame Sophie, the illegitimate daughter of Louis XV the largest winery in Pouilly-sur-Loire. An anecdote says that the white wines of this winery were among the most favored by Napoleon.

Comte Lafond

In 1937 they received the appellation Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC). In 1972, a descendant of Comte Lafond, Baron Patrick de Ladoucette took over the estate. As the first full-time and fully trained winemaker of his family, he was not only able to lead the wines of his house to world renown and make the Pouilly-Fumés virtually indispensable for every top restaurant, but also to enrich the winery with other top products.

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