Bolla Bardolino Chiaretto Rosé

Bolla Bardolino Chiaretto Rosé (box of 6 bottles)

Bolla Soave Superiore Tufaie

Bolla Tufaie Soave Classico Superiore (box of 6 bottles)

Bolla Bardolino Classico (box of 6 bottles)


Bolla Bardolino Classico

Bolla Bardolino Classico, a classic Italian red wine, has a ruby red color, has a soft taste, lots of fruit, aromas of black fruit, clean and fresh aftertaste.

Fermentation takes place under temperature controlled conditions to preserve freshness. Due to the frequent pumping over the skins, a lot of fruit is extracted. Stainless steel tanks are also used for malolactic fermentation, again to preserve the fruity character.

Wine - Food pairing

Match perfectly with tasty pasta dishes, risotto, white meats and sauces.

Bolla Bardolino Classico

Bolla Bardolino Classico is a delicious Italian red wine from the Veneto region. This wine is made by winery Bolla from Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella grapes.


The story of the Bolla winery is the story of a family that revolutionized the wine market in the last century and today has become one of the most important Italian wine companies internationally.

The winery was founded in 1883 in Soave by Alberto Bolla, who developed a passion for wine as a child and spent much of his time in the cellar of the tavern "Al Gambero" owned by his parents, Abele and Giulia, until he decided to to sell wine. local white wine to other taverns in Soave. The idea paid off and soon he had business as far away as Verona and even Venice, where in 1902 he opened a restaurant with his brothers near the church of San Salvatore.

The 1930s marked a turning point for Bolla, coinciding with the arrival in the company of Alberto's eldest son, Giorgio, oenologist and admirer of top quality wines. In 1931, understanding the area's potential for producing quality red wines, Alberto opened a winery in Pedemonte in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica zone. Thus began the production of red wines such as Recioto, Valpolicella and then Amarone, in addition to the already well-known Soave white wines that were still produced in the original winery.

More Information
Product Bolla Bardolino Classico
Country Italy
Producer Cantina Bolla
Type of wine Red
Region Veneto
Grape variety Other grapes red
Number of bottles 6
Price per bottle €9.95
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