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Sparkling wine or popularly called bubbling wine is wine in which carbon dioxide is present. Although most sparkling wines are white wines, there are also sparkling varieties of rosé wine and red wine. In most countries where wine is made, a sparkling wine is also made. The sweetness can also vary from dry to sweet.

There are 2 options to produce Sparkling wine

Méthode Traditionnelle: Previously, and outside the Champagne region, known as the Méthode Champenoise. The carbonic acid from the second fermentation, which takes place in the bottle, is retained in the bottle. The quality of the "mousse" is highest here. Once poured into a glass, bubbles remain in the glass for a long time.

Méthode Charmat (méthode de fermentation en cuve close): The carbonic acid of the second fermentation takes place in a closed tank. Only then will the wine be brought to the bottle. The bubbles will be less pronounced.

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