Slovenian organic wines

We sell organic wines from Slovenia from Guerila Biodynamic Wines.

A winegrower who produces organic wine does not use chemical or synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The aim is to achieve a biological balance in his vineyards, so that these chemical agents are not needed. The way in which this is achieved differs per winegrower and region and is of course closely related to the climate.

The winegrower stimulates the resistance of the vine and ensures that the vine can withstand the attacks of natural enemies such as insects and fungi as much as possible. The soil is cared for with organic manure and compost and mechanical tillage takes place as cautiously and carefully as possible, so as not to damage the natural balance.

The aim is to achieve the best possible yield from the vine instead of maximum yield, quality over quantity. This creates a healthy, natural balance in the vineyard, resulting in a long-lasting and even yield.

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