Weingut Weigand

Andi Weigand of Weingut Weigand in Iphofen belongs to the new generation of young winemakers with modern ideas and plans. In 2013, Andi was given free rein by his father to combine his innovative ideas with the knowledge he gained during his studies in oenology on the family winery of 5.8 hectares. That means more work in the vineyards, such as extra pruning to get lower yields, eliminating weed killers and harvesting by hand.

Wild yeasts

Weingut Weigand only works with wild yeasts during vinification, allows the wines to mature on the lees for as long as possible and does not deacidify the wines. In addition, Weingut Weigand is converting to organic cultivation and Andi has the intention to eventually work completely biodynamically.

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