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Vigneti Massa Barbera colli Tortonesi Monleale

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Vigneti Massa Monleale

Vigneti Massa Barbera Colli Tortonesi Monleale is a wine made from the Barbera grape variety, native to the Colli Tortonesi sub-region of Piedmont. The Colli Tortonesi is an area renowned for its production of Barbera wines, and Vigneti Massa has specialized in producing excellent Barbera wines that reflect the uniqueness of this terroir.

Vigneti Massa Barbera Colli Tortonesi Monleale has a ruby red color. It offers a rich and complex aroma of ripe red fruits, such as cherries and berries, along with hints of spice, cocoa and a hint of oak. On the palate, the wine is lively and well-structured, with lively acidity and soft tannins. The taste shows notes of ripe fruit, spices and earthy notes, with a pleasant balance between fruitiness and complexity. The finish is long and harmonious.

With Vigneti Massa Barbera Colli Tortonesi Monleale you get the chance to enjoy an excellent Barbera wine that reflects the character and traditions of the Piedmont region, with its rich fruitiness and lively acidity.

Wine - Food pairing 

Vigneti Massa Barbera Colli Tortonesi Monleale is a versatile wine that goes well with various dishes, including grilled meats, stews, pasta with rich sauces and matured cheeses. It can also be enjoyed as a standalone wine to enjoy at social occasions.

Massa Monleale

Vigneti Massa Monleale is a red wine from the famous winemaker Walter Massa from Piedmont Italy. This red wine is mainly made from the Barbera grape variety.

Vigneti Massa

Vigneti Massa is a winery located in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. The winery was founded by Walter Massa and is now run by his son Giuseppe Massa. Vigneti Massa is best known for its production of the Timorasso grape, an indigenous grape variety long forgotten, but thanks to the efforts of the Massa family, it has come back into focus.

Vigneti Massa has vineyards in the hills of the Colli Tortonesi, where the Timorasso grape thrives in the calcareous soils and continental climate. The vineyards are farmed organically and by hand, paying great attention to preserving the natural balance and expression of the terroir.

The flagship of Vigneti Massa is the "Derthona", a white wine made from 100% Timorasso grapes. This wine has a distinctive character with a rich texture, complex aromas and remarkable aging potential. In addition to Timorasso, Vigneti Massa also produces other wines, such as Barbera, Moscato and Brachetto.

The wines of Vigneti Massa are widely acclaimed for their excellent quality, elegance and expression of the unique terroir of the Piemonte region. They have caught the attention of wine enthusiasts and experts around the world for their authenticity and the rediscovery of the Timorasso grape.

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Product Vigneti Massa Barbera colli Tortonesi Monleale
Country Italy
Producer Vigneti Massa
Type of wine Red
Region Piedmont
Grape variety Barbera
Price per bottle €28.50
Vintage Mail:
Minimum number of bottles 1