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Sandeman Medium Dry Sherry

Sandeman Fino Sherry

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Sandeman Fino Sherry

Sandeman Fino Sherry is an excellent Spanish Sherry from the renowned winery Bodegas Sandeman. This Fino Sherry is a dry and refreshing wine from the Jerez region in southern Spain, where the unique climate and special soil conditions provide the perfect conditions for the production of Sherry.

The Sandeman Fino Sherry has a pale golden color and a refined nose with subtle aromas of almonds and salty sea air. It is an elegant and light wine with a refreshing taste of green apples, citrus fruits and a touch of minerality. The Sherry has a lively acidity and a dry finish, making it an excellent aperitif wine.

The special thing about Fino Sherry is the 'flor' process, where the wine is exposed to the air in barrels, creating a protective layer of yeast cells that protects the wine from oxidation and gives it its characteristic aromas and flavours.

Enjoy the refreshing and vibrant taste of Sandeman Fino Sherry and discover the age-old traditions and craftsmanship that make this special wine so loved around the world. Taste the essence of southern Spain in a glass and be enchanted by the unique taste experience of this beautiful Fino Sherry.

Wine - Food pairing

Sandeman Fino Sherry is a perfect accompaniment to various tapas, such as olives, anchovies, Manchego cheese and marinated shrimp. It is also an excellent wine to serve with seafood, sushi, gazpacho and other light dishes.

Bodegas Sandeman

Bodegas Sandeman is a renowned winery known for over 225 years for its excellent Portuguese and Spanish wines. Founded in 1790 by George Sandeman, this family business has a rich history and unparalleled expertise in the production of quality wines.

The winery is best known for its iconic Port wines from Portugal's Douro Valley. The Sandeman Ports are loved worldwide for their deep colour, complex aromas and rich taste, ranging from the fruity and fresh Ruby Ports to the elegant and refined Vintage Ports.

In addition to Port, Bodegas Sandeman also produces a wide range of Spanish wines, including Sherry from Jerez and red wines from Rioja. Sandeman Sherries are famous for their distinct aromas and unique flavor profiles, ranging from the dry and crisp Fino to the sweet and rich Pedro Ximénez.

With a commitment to tradition and innovation, Bodegas Sandeman continues to distinguish itself in the wine world. The house winemakers work closely with nature and local terroirs to create wines of exceptional quality, reflecting the passion and craftsmanship of winemaking.

Bodegas Sandeman's wines are loved not only for their excellent quality, but also for the iconic logo with the 'Don' in its black cape, which has become a recognizable symbol for the elegance and refinement of their wines.

Whether you enjoy a refined Port by the fireplace or a sparkling Sherry as an aperitif, the wines of Bodegas Sandeman offer an unforgettable taste experience that is perfect for special moments and cozy gatherings. Discover the rich tradition and craftsmanship of Bodegas Sandeman and let yourself be seduced by the characterful wines that have been cherished for generations.

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Product Sandeman Fino Sherry
Country Spain
Producer - Brand Sandeman Sherry
Type of wine Sherry
Region Andalucia
Grape variety Blend Sherry
Price per bottle €8.50
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Minimum number 6