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Heinrich Blaufränkisch

Heinrich Blaufränkisch with the warming of our planet, this wine from the typical Burgenland grape variety Blaufränkisch shows an almost "Mediterranean" character. Spicy nose with hints of spice and grilled pepper, followed by an abundance of ripe fruit, especially red and black currants and cherries. Fresh on the palate, seductive fruit, mouth-filling, with ripe tannins and an elegant structure. Long, broad and deep, very aromatic finish.

Blaufränkisch wines from Burgenland are often known for their elegance, lively acidity and fine tannins, which allow them to age superbly and develop complexity over time.

Wine - Food pairing

Heinrich Blaufränkisch can be excellently combined with grilled red meat, game dishes, stews and hard cheeses. It is a versatile wine that goes well with a variety of dishes.

Heinrich Blaufränkisch Leithaberg

Heinrich Blaufränkisch Leithaberg is a delicious red wine from the Burgenland Austria region. This wine is made from Blaufränkisch grapes by Weingut Heinrich.

Recommended serving temperature between 16°C and 18°C.

Weingut Heinrich

Weingut Heinrich is an Austrian winery located in the Burgenland wine region, in eastern Austria. The winery is run by the Heinrich family and was founded by Gernot Heinrich, a talented winemaker and pioneer in biodynamic viticulture.

The winery is known for its focus on biodynamic viticultural practices, where respecting the environment and maintaining the natural balance of the vineyards are key. Biodynamic viticulture involves working with the natural cycles of the moon and solar system to promote vine health and grape quality.

Weingut Heinrich cultivates several grape varieties, including Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Blaufränkisch is one of the main grape varieties of the Burgenland region and produces red wines with a deep color and spicy, fruity aromas.

The wines from Weingut Heinrich are made with great attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship, resulting in high quality wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the terroir and grape varieties. They are known for their elegance, complexity and balanced flavor profiles.

More Information
Product Heinrich Blaufränkisch
Country Austria
Producer - Brand Weingut Heinrich
Type of wine Red, Organic, Vegan
Region Niederösterreich
Grape variety Other grapes red
Price per bottle €18.95
Vintage Mail: info@le-connaisseur.nl
Minimum number 6