Brandini Barolo R 56

Brandini Barolo R56

Brandini Langhe Filari Corti Nebbiolo

Brandini Langhe Filari Corti Nebbiolo

Brandini Barolo DOCG

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Brandini Barolo DOCG

Brandini Barolo DOCG, an Italian red wine from Piemonte, has a garnet red color. Very fine, spicy and fruity aromas with floral notes of roses and berries. An uncomplicated wine with a strong body.

Brandini's wines are sultry, soft and very clean. The Barolos are ready to drink at a relatively young age. The vineyards are located on the highest ridge of La Morra. This appellation has the most sandy soils in Barolo. This terroir gives the smoothest and roundest wines and with the Nebbiolo this can work out very well.

Since 2007, Brandini has been owned by the Bagnasco family. Brandini works organically. No shortage of ambitions. The cellar is led by Bruno Giacosa's former winemaker. The way of winemaking is extremely traditional. Large casks, spontaneous fermentation and a long, quiet maturation.

Wine - Food pairing

Delicious Italian Barolo wine that tastes great with red meat and (hard) cheeses.

Brandini Barolo DOCG

Brandini Barolo DOCG is a delicious Italian organic red wine from Piedmont Italy. This wine is made by winery Brandini from Barbera grapes.

Recommended serving temperature between 18°C and 20°C.

Agricola Brandini

Sometimes, to reach your ideal, you have to muster the courage to take the hardest road. This company, which produces the famous wines of the Langa region, is only 24 years old. In the wine universe, that's really young. But they believe that the most important factor in producing these wines is not age, but dedication to tradition. They believe in young, talented and capable people with clear and achievable goals. They have been practicing organic farming for years, because they want to leave their soil in a better condition than they found it. All their choices are based on respect for the environment, for those who work with them and for their customers.

This Azienda is located on the ridge of La Morra, in the hamlet of Brandini. The vineyards are in the immediate vicinity. Besides being one of the highest places in the Barolo appellation, this part of the area also has relatively sandy soils. The terroirs of Brandini therefore give the wines a lot of flexibility and roundness, especially the Nebbiolo gives this unprecedented charm. The Barolos are therefore ready to drink at a relatively young age. The rest of the range also seduces with sultry and soft flavours.

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Product Brandini Barolo DOCG
Country Italy
Producer - Brand Agricola Brandini la Morra
Type of wine Red, Organic
Region Piedmont
Grape variety Nebbiolo
Price per bottle €52.50
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Minimum number 1