Volcanes de Chile

Volcanes de Chile

Bodegas Volcanes de Chile

Bodegas Volcanes de Chile is a winery based in Chile, founded in 2009 by winemaker Maria del Pilar Diaz, geologist Gonzalo Hendriguez and terroir manager Agustin Aguerrea.

Inspired by Chile's unique geology, with more than 2,900 volcanoes, Bodegas Volcanes selects grapes from vineyards located on volcanic soils in various valleys across the country.

The wines of Bodegas Volcanes are characterized by their excellent balance, expressiveness and complexity. Whether it is a fresh and lively white wine, a juicy and fruity red wine, or an elegant and refined rosé, the wines from Bodegas Volcanes surprise and delight every time.

With a deep connection to the land and a passion for making wines that reflect Chile's unique characteristics, Bodegas Volcanes remains a pioneer of Chilean viticulture and a beloved winery among wine lovers worldwide.

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