Enate Merlot Merlot

Enate Merlot Merlot (box of 6 bottles)

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Enate Syrah Shiraz (box of 6 bottles)

Enate Reserva (box of 6 bottles)



Enate and art – they almost rhyme which is, perhaps, no coincidence – come together at a lofty point: the desire to create. When it began in 1992, the winery decided that the pairing of winemaking and contemporary culture would be an essential feature of its character. It was a tricky challenge from a business point of view as well as from an artistic perspective, but it was an undisputed triumph and was copied by others. The concept was a winner: the excellence of an idea is obvious once someone – in this case Enate – has been brave enough to work it out. It was, in fact, a desire to create. In the same way as a winery is unthinkable without wine, Enate accepted art as the very essence of its identity. The two concepts begin together and mutually enrich one another. Human beings are, essentially, creators of one kind or another and we naturally love the pleasures of life. In 1992, Enate made a formal commitment to pairing the two concepts, contrasting the almost mathematical expertise of a winemaker with the unpredictability of artists inspired by winemaking. Today, Enate is both a winery and a museum. It is both a wine shop and an art gallery and its character has been formed in the excellence of both. Its barrels and walls sum up the great wines of Spain, inhabited by the genius of the great Spanish and international creators.

Enate Reserva

Is a nice Spanish red Somontano wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes by Bodegas Enate.

Recommended wine serving temperature between 16°C and 18°C.

Enate Reserva 

Offers in the nose a harmonious combination of fresh berries (blueberries, wild strawberries) with notes of violet and touches from careful barrel aging (chocolate, toast and smoky touches). A palate full of power: fleshy and flavorful. A firm tannin structure ensuring excellent aging potential. It closes with a prolonged toast and vanilla finish, making it a very modern, flattering wine. The Reserva Especial winemaking process consists of getting the very most from the grape quality of a particular year.

Wine - Food pairing

Excellent companion of stews, meat dishes in rich sauces and in particular game dishes. Delightful with artisan, (half) aged hard Spanish cheeses (tronchón, zamorano, roncal).

More Information
Product Enate Reserva
Country Spain
Producer Bodega Enate
Type Red wine
Region Aragon
Grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon
Number of bottles 6
Delivery time 2 - 5 working days
Price per piece €19.75
For Vintage Mail: info@le-connaisseur.nl