Graham's Late Bottled Vintage

Graham's Late Bottled Vintage (box of 6 bottles)

Calem Fine Tawny Port

Calem Fine Tawny Port (box of 6 bottles)

Graham's Six Grapes Port (box of 6 bottles)


Graham's Six Grapes

Graham's Six Grapes has a firm body and a rich perfume of ripe plums and black cherries, a full flavor with a lot of structure and a long juicy finish.

Made like a Ruby Port but with longer wood aging. For 4 to 5 years, the Port matures in oak barrels in the lodges of Vila Nova de Gaia. This Port is a blend of several harvest years.

Six Grapes Port is made from grapes from the Quinta Dos Malvedos. In the Graham's Lodge, in Vila Nova de Gaia, the Port matures for several years.

Wine - Food pairing

Combine the Six Grapes Port with a firm and distinct type of cheese such as the blue cheese Stilton. The combination with chocolate (desserts) also makes the Port very special. Unlike a Vintage Port, you can drink Six Grapes for about a month after opening.

Graham's Six Grapes

The six grapes on the label are an indication of quality that the family has traditionally used. The more grapes the better and six was the maximum number. This Port used to be mainly intended for the Graham's family themselves. Graham's Six Grapes is a port made from Touriga Nacional, Sousão, Tinta Amarela, Tinta Barroca and Touriga Franca grapes.

W & J Graham's

W & J Graham's is the story of two families over three centuries. For nearly two hundred years, W & J Graham's has been an independent family business known for producing the finest Port wines.

Graham's has always been a pioneer. Graham's was one of the first port companies to invest in its own vineyards in Portugal's Douro Valley in 1890 and is now a leader in innovation in winemaking techniques. Today, five Symington cousins ​​share responsibility for every aspect of the business and personally make Graham's wines. They too have been involved in Port Wine and the Douro for many generations, with ancestors dating back to the mid-17th century.

More Information
Product Graham's Six Grapes Port
Country Portugal
Producer Grahams Port
Type of wine Port wine
Region Douro
Grape variety Other grapes red
Number of bottles 6
Price per bottle €19.25
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