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Vida Organica Bonarda

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Vida Organica Bonarda

Vida Orgánica Bonarda is a delicious organic red wine produced by Zuccardi, a leading winery from Argentina. This wine is made from 100% Bonarda grapes, sourced from organic vineyards in the Mendoza region, where conditions are ideal for growing this indigenous grape variety.

In the glass, Vida Orgánica Bonarda shows a deep ruby red color with purple hues. The bouquet is inviting with aromas of ripe red fruits, such as blackberries, cherries and plums, along with subtle spicy notes.

The taste of this Bonarda is silky and full, with an excellent balance between ripe fruit and soft tannins. The wine has a nice structure and a pleasant freshness, which ensures a lively and persistent aftertaste.

With Vida Orgánica Bonarda you can enjoy an authentic Argentinian red wine, made with respect for nature and the environment. The organic cultivation of the grapes ensures a pure and natural expression of the Mendoza terroir. Discover the rich flavors and characteristics of this special Bonarda and let yourself be seduced by its charming personality.

Wine - Food pairing

Vida Orgánica Bonarda is a versatile wine that goes well with various dishes. It is an excellent accompaniment to grilled red meat, pasta with tomato sauce, pizza and various cheeses. This organic Bonarda is also wonderful to enjoy purely during pleasant moments.

Vida Organica Bonarda

Vida Organica Bonarda  is a delicious red Argentine wine from the Mendoza Argentina region. This wine is made by winery Zuccardi from Bonarda  grapes.

Recommended serving temperature between 16°C and 18°C.


Located in Argentina's vast Mendoza wine region, Bodega Zuccardi is known for its exquisite wines and innovative approach to winemaking. Founded in 1963 by Alberto Zuccardi, it started as a modest family business and grew into one of the country's most respected wine producers. What sets Bodegas Zuccardi apart is their strong bond with the land and the grapes they grow. Zuccardi's vineyards are spread across several terroirs in Mendoza, from the high-altitude Valle de Uco to the sun-drenched plains of Maipú, where each location allows for unique expressions of grapes.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Bodegas Zuccardi is their commitment to innovation. They have constantly experimented with new techniques and methods, both in the vineyard and in the wine cellar, to produce wines of exceptional quality. This includes the use of modern irrigation systems to ensure the optimal ripeness of the grapes, as well as exploring different fermentation techniques and the use of both traditional and modern types of oak for maturation.

With a legacy of craftsmanship, passion and continuous innovation, Bodegas Zuccardi remains a leading player in the Argentine wine scene. Their wines embody the spirit of Mendoza and attract enthusiasts around the world who seek authentic and exciting wine experiences.

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Product Vida Organica Bonarda
Country Argentina
Producer - Brand Familia Zuccardi
Type of wine Red, Organic, Vegan
Region Mendoza
Grape variety Other grapes red
Price per bottle €9.35
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